The CW 86 EF system can be used for constructing glazing based on ready glazed modules that are mounted as a whole onto the façade. As distinguished from typical curtain walls, the system does not require any scaffolding and is a few times quicker to assemble.

Perfect thermal insulation is provided by insulators and special gaskets.
When the modules are mounted, the inside constructional elements are 86 mm wide.
From the outside, each module has a 26 mm wide frame, and the clearance between frames is 16 mm wide and filled with a set of some special gaskets.

It is possible to use opened elements invisible on the façade with the tilting on the outside or parallel sliding function. Windows can be equipped with full automatics with servo-motors hidden in the window frame structure.
The structures guarantee water and wind tightness, durability and safety of usage.
Available in a full range of colors in both painted and anodized finishings.