The CW 60 DRL system can be used for constructing glazings based on an aluminum column-and-beam structure. From the inside, the glazing is based on aluminum columns and beams with rectangular cross-section and constant width of 62 mm. The other dimension of columns and beams' cross-section depends on static calculations and is chosen individually. Perfect thermal insulation is provided by insulators and special gaskets.
From the outside, glazing is mounted by means of individually prefabricated silicone frames that after pushed in ensure flexible and durable system of glazing mounting.
On the façade, in the horizontal and vertical directions silicone gaskets are visible that create a flat 60 mm wide slat.

It is possible to use opened elements by mounting a window or door frame into the curtain wall system. The structures guarantee water and wind tightness, durability and safety of usage.
Available in a full range of colors in both painted and anodized finishings.