The CW 50 SC system can be used for constructing glazings based on an aluminum column-and-beam structure. From the inside, the glazing is based on aluminum columns and beams with rectangular cross-section and constant width of 50 mm. The other dimension of columns and beams' cross-section depends on static calculations and is chosen individually. From the outside, the glazing has no visible mounting elements and constitutes a plane with clearances of 20 mm that are filled with a special silicone sealant or a gasket.

The glass sheets have a special distance frame that enables mounting by means of continuous slat elements.

It is possible to use masking slats horizontally or vertically in order to emphasize one of these arrangements.

It is possible to use a full range of windows mounted on the construction of the curtain wall, or a window invisible on the façade with the function of tilting on the outside.
The structures guarantee water and wind tightness, durability and safety of usage.
Available in a full range of colors in both painted and anodized finishings.